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Event Evaluation




CVC Pre-Match Protocol

Single Match Protocol
Game Clock Time Allotted Protocol
Shared warm-up; no crossover
15 Split court; serve and pass with controlled hitting
  Coin toss
25 5 Visiting team court
5 Home team court
15 5 Visiting team court
5 Home team court
5   Line-ups on end line; National Anthem
0   Start

Multiple Match Protocol

Game Clock Time Allotted Protocol
40 15 Split court; serve and pass with controlled hitting
30   Coin toss
25 5 Visiting team court
20 5 Home team court
15 5 Visiting team court
10 5 Home team court
5   Line-ups on end line; National Anthem
0   Start


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Full Protocol Document here.



CVC Rules and Techniques

In general, men's collegiate volleyball will follow the USAV Domestic Competition Regulations.
Below you will find several rules and techniques of interest and a comparison between DIII and DI.
New Rule:  Libero Designations At the beginning of the match, coach must designate 0, 1 or 2 liberos for that set only.  Two liberos are permitted within a set, but only one libero may be on the court at a time.  A libero may replace a libero following a completed rally. 

No new libero can be redesignated until all original libero(s) are injured.  

A libero may only be redesignated as a regular position player if a team is reduced to 5 players due to injury.

If a regular player replaces a libero, no libero may return to the court until after a completed rally.
Coin Toss serve, receive or side. Serve or receive (Home Team selects bench before coin toss)
Time-out Duration 30 seconds: no warning whistle.   75 seconds; 15 second warning whislte; resume play early if both teams ready
Technical Time-outs For conference matches only:

Occurs when the first team reaches 15 points in sets 1-4; at 8 in set 5.

The technical timeout will be canceled if either team calls a timeout before the first team reaches 15 points in set 1-4; or 8 in set 5.

Technical time-out duration: 60 seconds in length.

For non-conference matches: no technical time-outs.
Only used as requested by media.
Introductions R1 and LJ1 to the right of the ref stand, R2 and LJ2 to the right of R2's net pole.  Same as NCAA women.   Officials near score table
Location of line judges during time-outs Middle of endline. Intersection of attack line & side line on R1’s side of court
Location of line judge between sets Away from benches and spectator areas Same
Line judge use of “pursuit” signal No Same
Line judge positioning during serve When the server is within 2 meters of the LJ’s sideline, the LJ should move 1 to 2 meters to the side to watch for foot fault. Same
Player’s equipment If a player’s equipment falls to the floor and creates a safety hazard, play is stopped and a delay sanction assessed. Same
Casts Casts are forbidden even if padded. Same
Jewelry  No visible jewelry permitted.   Same
Pursuit Rule Allowed with at least 2 meters of clearance on both sides of the net.  Pursuit is permitted both inside and outside the net pole.  Same
Pursuing a ball beyond the Sport Court Allowed; same as women’s NCAA; no pursuit into bleachers, etc. Same
Substitutions Substitutions are ONLY recognized when a player enters the sub zone.  If a coach or captain requests a substitution and it is acknowledged by the referee, a team delay may be issued.  However, referees should try to ignore these requests. Same
Number of Substitutions 12 per set 6 per set
Exceptional Substitution Player is out for the match. Same
Libero as Captain NOT Allowed Same
Centerline Rule It IS a centerline fault if any part of the foot contacts the opponent’s court with no part of the foot on or above the center line. 

It is NOT a fault to touch the opponent’s court with a body part above the foot as long as it does not interfere with play. 
CONFERENCE RECOMMENDATION: an unobtrusive pushoff by the setter is to be ignored.  
Net Rule It IS a net violation if while in the act of playing the ball a player:
  1. touches the top band of the net
  2. touches the antennae above the net
  3. uses the net for support 
  4. uses the net to create an advantage over the opponent
It is NOT a net violation to:
  1. touch the mesh part or bottom tape of the net before, during or after playing the ball
  2. touch the net/cables outside the antennae
  3. touch the antennae in the body of the net
Ball Handling during timeouts Not permitted Allowed off court
Ball Handling between sets Permitted on own court only; no hitting across net Hit into own court
Intermission Between Sets 2 and 3 At least 3 minutes.  10 minutes max. with prior notification to visiting head coach. Same
Coaches Restriction Line During play, coaches must stand at least 1.75 meters from the court.  Nominally, this is the end of the three meter line hash marks. Same
End of Match procedure for referees R2 remains at scoretable side of court.  R1 crosses to scoretable after teams have shaken hands.  After the scorekeeper has signed the scoresheet, the R1 will verify and sign. Same
Referees wear patches? Moving toward conference-supplied patch; otherwise, none used Same
Referee post-match debrief with crew Recommended Same
Sign Scoresheet Both captains signature required. Captains are not required to sign before or after match.  Coaches must sign before match to verify roster.

Download Excel file here.